Yoga Certification Board has been established in 2018under Ministry of Ayush, Government of India for certification in the field of Yoga. The YCB provides services under the following categories:(a) Certification of Yoga Professionals, (b) Accreditation of Yoga Institute and (c)Promotion and Propaganda of Yoga. YCB is operating all its professional courses as well accreditation of Yoga institutions worldwide.

The certification helps in fostering Yoga as career which is seeking a strong footing in Government sector. YCB has taken another initiative to provide certification in Yoga therapy at various levels. The YCB certificate will standardize the quality in practice and teaching of Yoga and in long term the availability of certified Yoga Professionals.


1. Types of Certification:

There shall be 8 types of Certification under different categories. Detailed curricular of each type of certification are given under Chapter IX.

Yoga Education and Training a. Yoga Protocol Instructor
b. Yoga Wellness Instructor
c. Yoga Teacher and Evaluator
d. Yoga Master
Yoga Therapy e. Assistant Yoga Therapist
f. Yoga Therapist
g. Therapeutic Yoga Consultant
Volunteer h. Yoga Volunteer

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