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S.No. Photo Name Designation Contact Details
1 ishwar_v_basavaraddi Dr. I.V. Basavaraddi Head of Institution, Yoga Certification Board, New Delhi +91-11-23354634
2 Col. Mayank Chaubey Col. Mayank Chaubey Principal Consultant Not Available
3 manoj_kumar Shri Manoj Kumar Consultant(ASMT) +91-11-23354634
4 Smt Poonam Ms.  Poonam Consultant MGNT +91-11-23354634
5 Mrs. Meena Badoni Mrs. Meena Badoni Office Assistant Not Available
6 Mrs. Nikita Thakur Mrs. Nikita Thakur Office Assistant Not Available
7 Vacant Vacant Consultant(A&F) +91-11-23354695
8 manish Shri Manish MTS Data is not given

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