Mission & Vision


Aim: The aim of Yoga Certification Board is to bring quality and standards in practice of Yoga and to promote Yoga as career skill.

Vision: To enable people across the globe to lead a healthy life style and to make Yoga a way of holistic Living by ensuring access to quality Yoga trainers.

Mission: To define the standards for the accreditation of Yoga Institutions/Centers, Certification of Yoga Professionals and assist them in Yoga education to society.

Objectives: The objectives of the Board are :

  • To promote Yoga as means to promote holistic health and human values
  • To promote Yoga as a career skill
  • To develop standards and parameters, assess competencies and certify Yoga Professionals for different levels
  • To develop standards and parameters, assess competencies and Accreditation of Yoga Institutions/Centers
  • To bring uniformity and standards in Yoga courses conducted across India and Globe
  • To collaborate with national and international organisations for promotion of Yoga

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