Need of Certification & Accreditation

Yoga Certification Board, established by Ministry of Ayush, Government of India, is the only Board which has been set up by any Government for certification in the field of Yoga. The YCB certifies Yoga professionals under various levels and category so that the Yoga Professionals can select the level and category as per their skills and competences. The competences range from basic yoga protocol to Yoga master, from assistant Yoga therapist to Yoga Therapy Consultant. YCB strives to introduce more levels. The certification helps in promoting Yoga as career skill which till date is an unorganized career option. The certified Yoga Professionals are exposed to better job opportunities across the globe. YCB offers certificates to Yoga professionals to practice Yoga as therapy. These certificates will only only provide a platform for experienced Yoga therapy professionals but will also lead to promotion of Yoga as one of the tools for therapy. The YCB certificate will standardization and quality in practice and teaching of Yoga and in long term the availability of certified Yoga Professionals will promote correct practice of Yoga leading to healthy living style.

YCB is also accreditating Yoga Institutions / centres based on their years of existence, scale of operation and experience in the field of Yoga. This will ensure that the Yoga institution will get recognition for their contribution towards Yoga. The Institutions are accreditated under 4 levels. This will help in bringing standards in teaching and practice of Yoga among various Institutions without interfering in their delivery system. Synchronization of Yoga legacy and certificate will produce trained and qualified Yoga Professional.

Availability of trained and certified Yoga Professionals / Institutions empowers public in selections of right yoga Instructor/ trainer / Yoga Institutions.

In due course of time Yoga will develop into an organized sector.

Some of the unique features of the certificates issued by YCB are

  • Certificates includes security features (QR code), unique no. (online verifiable)
  • Digital certificates to candidates
  • Centralised repository of Certified Yoga Professionals
  • Single and online platform for all payments/ fees
  • One time enrolment for with life long validity
  • Centralised platform with linkages and details of all assessing agencies, all PrCBs, Accreditated Yoga Institutions/ centres, examination schedule
  • Ease of selection of exam centres and date of exam
  • 3-tier security enabled examination process to ensure quality in conduct of exam
  • Video recording of examination process
  • Assessment through empanelled examiners
  • Intimation to applicants through Mail and SMS

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